Aging Gracefully: Urology Services for Seniors and Older Adults

Aging Gracefully: Urology Services for Seniors and Older Adults

Urine problem in old age solution

Old age is significantly a delicate age to enter, and it is a certain phase of life that is known to make people mature, anxious, and creased at the same time. It matters less who we are and what our genes are! Old age is for everyone that comes along with the challenges that require medical support to deal with and heal.

In sardines, our populace grows and so many grow old with their bodies having the feebleness and the most essential activity of cleaning out the toxicity (excretion) comes in incontinence, there are plenty of reasons to hold on and decode however, let us know through this article how we can manage the urinary problems in old age.


Geriatric Urology - learning about urinary issues in the elderly.

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In the worldwide population, we revere our elderly members especially due to their dotage and a certain emotion attached to them. It’s not merely the burgeoning of the chronic illness they develop and seeking solutions for the same but there has been a sudden rise in urologic diseases which causes a grave need to treat senior citizens' urinary problems.

In the aging segment of the population managing urinary problems in old age becomes a center of concern among which urinary incontinence is the prominent one that impacts the quality of old age life hence, elderly incontinence solutions are the rays of relief for them.

Now to manage urinary problems in old age, certain policies are to be activated in old age particularly in the arena of urology to cope with elderly urinary problems. As per a new global demographic trend, older people are bound to face a lot of health struggles due to social and personal troubles; it could be disability or dependency or both in coexistence. Thus, addressing urinary issues in aging gains importance in geriatric society.


Eyeing the Urology in older adults

The major urological conditions in older adults include the following -urinary incontinence, bladder outlet obstruction, and urinary tract infection. These conditions in urology cause adverse health effects in an older population namely, poor self-esteem, restricted activity, and social isolation which also throws light on the psychological decline which weakens the neurotransmitters and also decreases the muscle and bladder capacity. Senior citizen urinary problems are very common to be seen which affects old age massively, however, until now the reach of the awareness drive was substantially less.


Aging and Urinary challenges

Here we unpack the solutions for elderly urination problems, urinary issues in the elderly, or anyone who can be embarrassing and stifling at the same time. Let's take a look at what the NIH National Institute of Aging has cited about the holistic approach to senior urinary problems.


The elderly incontinence solutions -  

Urinary incontinence happens when a person accidentally leaks urine and it happens to people indiscriminately, letting the person be him or her urinary incontinence can occur to anyone. Urinary incontinence is also called an overactive bladder and it is found commonly among the senior section of the population.

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Placed in the lower abdomen, the bladder tightens its muscles to let the urine enter the tube-shaped urethra and the urine passage is successfully conducted, nevertheless, when these muscles stop functioning the way they are expected to work that typical condition is called urinary incontinence.  

Incontinence can be contributed to multiple reasons a few of which are listed below-

    •  Urinary tract infections
    •  Vaginal irritation or constipation
    •  It can last longer due to an overactive bladder and weak pelvic floor muscles.
    •  Damage to the nerves that prevent the bladder from diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s which again causes a delay in healing.
    •  And most importantly diseases like; arthritis can challenge the person to walk to the bathroom which successfully adds to senior citizens' urinary problems.


Treating urinary frequency in old age

A guide for incontinence management for seniors - we are living in an advanced century and there are uncountable ways to cope with elderly urinary problems, the nature of your bladder problem determines the treatment you opt for! As a thumb rule simple treatments are recommended first.

Bladder control training is a must if the patient in their dotage is with weak pelvic hence the Kegel exercise is the best fit for them as it helps in strengthening pelvic floor muscles in seniors assisting in holding urine in your bladder and smoothly passing it.

The next way is to suppress the urgency of the urine, this method tutors you to control your strong need to urinate. In other words, you divert your mind to put it off for some time by breathing steadily which again strengthens your pelvic floor muscles successfully leading to bladder control in older adults.

Avoiding the time- This method is used for promoting senior bladder comfort, wherein you set a target time to urinate gradually, and one can extend their toilet schedules.

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Medication for aging urinary troubles - a prescription for promoting senior bladder comfort.

It can be a pill or a liquid that helps in taking control of urinary issues in the elderly, however, it has been discovered that some medications for overactive bladder have an association with cognitive decline in senior citizens around the age of 65.

A vaginal estrogen cream can overcome the barrier of stress incontinence if applied in proportion to the vaginal walls as it is one of the medications for aging urinary troubles.

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Doctors can also inject bulking agents or gel to thicken the urethra and close the bladder opening which falls under overactive bladder remedies for reducing stress incontinence which requires repetition.

Since we are in the age of devices and gadgets, why not use them for incontinence management for seniors? To manage urinary incontinence, a catheter drains urine from the bladder, a urethral insert stops leakage and a vaginal pessary exerts pressure to mitigate the leakage. An electrical current on a mild note can also be used to resolve senior citizens' urinary problems.


Befriend your bladder with these solutions for elderly old age problems.

Bear in mind that the lifestyle you chose to tread on will decide the dotage you breed or dread to breed! A healthy lifestyle will earn you a better old age or a life that you live with bad habits will silence you on a stumbling block. Safe from the dread by following the lifestyle changes for senior urinary health -

There are certain habits that we develop and habits or a pattern of life that we prefer can help us preempt the future predicament. In the case of elderly urinary health maintenance, a healthy way of living can debar the potential harm from urinary issues in the elderly.

    • Quitting smoking
    • Alcohol addiction
    • Drink a glass of water instead of other drinks and stay hydrated.
    • Avoid drinking before you hit the hay.
    • Also, keep away from lifting heavy weights.

Are you urinating frequently? Have you found blood in your urine? Or perhaps pain while urinating? Then just get your consultation for elderly urinary issues and let experts find solutions for elderly urinary problems.


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