Treatment Options for Ovarian Pain

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Treatment Options for Ovarian Pain


In the female reproductive system, the ovaries play an important role, and they are located on both sides of the pelvis. Each month, it produces hormones, including estrogen, and releases an egg. Do you have pain in your ovaries? 

Ovarian pain can have different underlying causes that are not worth ignoring! The conditions can range from tumours to ovarian cysts; without a proper diagnosis, it is not possible to determine what the appropriate treatment is. Getting any ovarian pain checked by a gynaecologist or a medical expert is critical. Check out the most probable causes of pelvic pain and available treatment options!


Common Causes of Ovarian Pain 

To proceed through a proper treatment route, firstly, you need to identify the exact location of the pain so that the diagnosis can be carried out smoothly. Some causes can be alarming and require immediate treatment, while others can be treated with simple home remedies. 

·      Menstrual Cramps: Are you experiencing left ovary pain before your period? This kind of ovarian pain is the most common form reported by women. You may experience this kind of cramp, dysmenorrhea, during your menstrual cycle as hormones contract the uterus muscles! 

·     Ovarian Cysts: In this case, you may experience excessive bleeding, irregular periods, severe cramps, frequent urination, or at times, no symptoms! Different types of ovarian cysts will lead to varying symptoms and pain levels, and treatment will depend on their type. Though it is difficult to say what size of ovarian cyst is dangerous, the smaller cysts may reduce on their own after a certain period. The larger ones may need immediate treatment, such as surgery. 

·   Mittelschmerz Pain: One may also experience ovarian pain during the mid-cycle of ovulation. In this case, the egg is released before or after menstruation, which causes pain. However, the pain caused by this reason is mostly harmless. 

·      Endometriosis: Here, the endometrial lining of your uterus can develop outside the reproductive system. It can grow on the bladder, ovaries, or even    the fallopian tubes. It can lead to severe pain and bleeding. 

·     Uterine Fibroids: These are benign growths that arise from the uterus but cause pelvic pain, abnormal uterine bleeding, and back pain. It may even result in infertility in the most severe cases.

·      Ovarian Cancer: This is a rare cause of ovarian pain and often does not involve any major symptoms. Or if some symptoms exist, they are minor ones  like bloating, losing appetite, or frequent urination! 

Apart from these, there are many other causes, both rare and common, that can lead to pain in your ovaries. This is why it is imperative to understand the root cause behind the pain and seek appropriate treatment options!


Treatment Options Available For Ovarian Pain 

If you constantly suffer from pain in your pelvic areas and notice these unusual symptoms, consulting with your doctor is the most effective option to work with! While experiencing pain, you may confuse it with appendicitis. To remove all this confusion, getting properly diagnosed as per your doctor’s advice is necessary. Your doctor will present you with different treatment options after diagnosing you and reviewing your medical history. 

Once the reason gets cleared and doctors identify the location of your pain, you may be asked to follow any of these treatment options as per your condition! 

·       Lifestyle Therapies: This is an effective treatment for the basic causes of ovarian pain. If your pain is due to periods, your doctor will advise you to make certain changes to your lifestyle. Getting proper sleep, exercising, or using a heating pad tops the list. 

·    Medications: If lifestyle therapies do not ease your menstrual pain, you will be prescribed to take a particular medication. After diagnosing your condition and medical history, your doctor will prescribe medicines to reduce the pain. In the case of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), you will be given antibiotics!

·       Surgery: For emergency conditions like large ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, or torsion, surgery will be inevitable. Also, removing the uterine fibroids and endometrial tissues can be suggested if you are suffering from severe endometriosis. 



If you experience ovarian pain on your right side or on both sides, you might worry that it could be severe. However, this is not always the case. Pelvic pain and discomfort can have a variety of causes. Considering that there are different underlying causes, assuming it is severe is not accurate!

Getting a proper diagnosis of your ovaries pain is vital. By choosing the right treatment options, as advised by your doctor, you will alleviate your stress and reduce your condition! Consult our doctors at Healix Hospital for any expert advice.

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